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I’m Anne-Sofie.

Opera singer, mental health advocate & multi-passionate creator

I don’t sing to make a pretty sound. I sing, act, perform and create to tell a story and to allow my audience to reflect themselves in that story.


· Anne-Sofie Søby Jensen. Born in 1991, in Denmark. Currently living in Copenhagen with her partner Anton and their cat Atlas.



· Graduated in 2019 with an MA in Opera from Royal Academy of Music, London



· Award winning singer, having frequently sung for the Danish Royal Family, Royal Navy and the Danish Parliament. Made her operatic debut in 2019 as Rosmira in Handel’s Partenope with Hampstead Garden Opera, London.



· Mental health advocate, psychology nerd, learning, exploring and talking about the mental side of performing to improve mental health in the arts.



· Characteristics: Rich & warm tone, great chest voice, flowing coloratura, intense stage presence, dramatic & comedic talent, a bit of a goof ball.

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So... what do I actually do?

I sing whatever my heart desires, which mostly includes opera, oratorio, art song, musical & jazz.  Where? You name it! Opera houses, theaters, churches, dinners, weddings, memorials, hospitals, kinder gardens. 


I combine mental health advocacy & entrepreneurship with content creation and a drop of comedy. Aside from performing I also run a small private vocal studio as well as coaching artists on branding, social media and content creation.


I’ve created an online community of thousands likeminded artists and creatives on social media where we connect, share our journeys and evolve together. I call us “SINGFLUENCERS”.

"We are the artists of today
influencing the arts of tomorrow."

A few words about my "why"...

Music has always been in my life. I was born and raised in a music home. My first instruments were piano and cello. When I was 14 I fell in love with Lloyd-Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera”… the combination of drama, singing and stage magic. I simply had to learn how to express myself through song.

I took voice lessons with an actress & musical performer, and quickly realized my voice suited the classical repertoire nicely. I’ve always liked to get into the nitty-gritty details to find the deeper meaning and purpose of things – that’s what I love the most about classical music and opera. A lot of it is open for interpretation and as an artist you get to express that interpretation and leave your personal mark on it.

As my voice grew and my technique developed I applied for national competitions, won 3 prizes including 1st prize at “Unge Sangere” in Ikast in 2013 as well as getting accepted at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. From then things started to take off: A contract with the acknowledged “Holmens Kantori & Vocal Ensemble”, study grants, a place and a scholarship offered on the day of auditioning at Royal Academy of Music in London, studied there and performed with some of the most acknowledged artists in the industry.

The story I mostly wanted to avoid, but became part of why I do what I do…

I graduated in 2019 after +10 years of non-stop vocal studies and big professional wins. I had high expectations to myself, intense fear of failure and my joy for performing had been replaced with perfectionism and his ugly friend anxiety. I took a few months off from auditioning to re-discover myself. 


Who is Anne-Sofie when she’s not studying? When she’s not pushing herself all the time? When she’s not booked and blessed?


I realised I’d attached a lot of my self worth to things I had no control over. Being chosen rather than actively choosing. And just as I’d found my feet and booked my first gigs after graduating… drumroll… pandemic hit.


I spent time during the pandemic to dive into what caused my burnout in the first place. Used social media as a creative outlet and connected with thousands of other artists who resonated with that feeling of having lost their artistic purpose. I found healing and support while the industry slowly started to open again. The thing I keep coming back to, however, is: 


What does a career in the arts actually look like?


To be honest, I have no idea. The expectations I had to myself while I was in college don’t match the reality of the industry as it is right now. But I know this:


Being an artist is being many things. A creator, a teacher, a poet, an actor, a musician, a communicator, a dancer, an entrepreneur, a nerd, a living mirror, a walking memory stick… And the possibilities are endless.


Looking forward to sharing my art with you!


Anne-Sofie x



and how I work with them


As an empath, I quickly pick up how people around me are feeling. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable – when I’m working on productions & when I’m coaching, 


I believe art becomes more accessible, when artists show who they are, what they do, how and why.  Therefore I proudly share my journey of navigating the artistic path.


The more I tried to become like the stereotype idea of an opera singer, the more the “real me” disappeared. When I make decisions – in music, business & life I aim to stay true to my heart. Usually everyone benefits.


I am creative. As you’ve probably guessed by now. When we create we leave a mark behind: A thought, an idea, a smile, a sensation. That’s our most valuable gift as artists. 

Still curious?


Now that you’ve got a glimpse of the real Anne-Sofie in my own words, click through to my official bio, recordings, updated repertoire list events and more. 


As an artist and creative entrepreneur I offer a range of different services, depending on audience, occasion and availability. From entertainment and speaking to voice lessons and creative development coaching. 

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Anne-Sofie søby Jensen

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