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So glad you're here! Here you'll find my official portfolio as a singer, a less formal biography (we like to keep things personal here), recordings, latest events and offers.

Hi, I'm Anne-Sofie

Opera singer. mental health advocate. creator of SINGFLUENCER®


Here you’ll find my official performer portfolio, along with a less formal biography. I like to keep things personal and transparent. Ready to get real?

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my story, my ‘why’ and my values in my own words

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Opera Salonen: Arias & Scenes

Folkehuset ABSALON, Kbh V

21st September 2021 @ 8 PM

N.W.GADE: Elverskud (Moderen)





8th Oct @ 7.30 PM
Kathedralskolens Festsal,
Nykøbing Sjælland



9th Oct




10th Oct @ 5 PM

Sankt Jakobs Kirke, 

København Ø

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The Flashy Stuff

WE KNOW SCANDINAVIANS HATE BRAGGING, BUT let's break up with good ol' Jantelov, shall we?

The Stage, May 2019
“Blow away performance from Anne-Sofie Jensen as Rosmira… Jensen’s mezzo soprano is all richness and smoothness"
Ham & High, May 2019
“Rosmira/Eurimene sung with power and subtlety by Anne-Sofie Søby Jensen”
Planet Hugill, May 2019
“Miss Jensen created perhaps the most rounded character on stage”
Kulturkupeen, August 2021
"Suzuki (Anne-Sofie Søby Jensen) had good nuances in her singing and characterisation."
Lotte Heise, P2, August 2021
"Her voice is like honey stirred in café au lait with a drop of cognac. I was very impressed by the young Danish mezzo soprano Anne-Sofie Søby Jensen."

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Meet Anne-Sofie

Now, let's get real

I chose to write this website in 1st person because I truly value connection, transparency & empathy as an artist and as a human being.

My over 15 year long journey of becoming an artist has taught me many things about myself and the business of the arts. Classical music has often had a reputation of being elitist and inaccessible. And us, the artists are often considered snobby, dramatic & conservative. 

Let's move forward. #singfluencer

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In summer 2021 I started my first podcast “Singfluence with Anne-Sofie”. Tune in for weekly doses of mindset chats & artistic insights.

Anne-Sofie søby Jensen

opera singer · creator of singfluencer®